Pastel Spring Summer Nail Trends….

With the launch of Bio Sculpture’s Spring/Summer Hollywood Collection, the new colours have inspired me to create new and exciting nails. From coral to sea blue the collection is a beautiful array of pastel shades. Even Ella Henderson got in the pastel spirit with a gorgeous soft lilac, no.64 Liliac Lullaby, studded with silver studs.













Forever Living Products


A few weeks ago I was approach by a ‘Forever Living’ consultant, she offered me to trial a few of her products. I was really excited to do so as I had heard great things about Forever Living. The products are all natural and Aloe based.

The first product I tried was the pure Aloe Gel, the gel is a pure extract and in its natural state. I was slightly put off by the texture but mixed the gel with orange juice and it was much easier to drink. I started on 30ml for the first few days to get used to it and then moved up to 60ml.

I literally started feeling the effects almost immediately. The next morning I felt much more refreshed when I woke up and found getting out of bed much easier. Over the next few days it felt as though my skin started to detox. A few blemishes appeared but soon went and my skin began to feel much clearer and less dry. My general energy levels rose and I started to just feel so much more alert and energetic.

I also noticed in the period of colds, viruses and general bugs I did not catch anything! This is un-heard of for me as I am in constant contact with lot’s of people throughout the day I always end up catching something, but so far since drinking the gel, I haven’t!

This gel may not sound the most appealing to take but the benefits are so amazing. I will continue to take it now.


The next product I tried was the Aloe Propolis Creme, as I understood it, this was almost like a magic cream. I was told it could be used for eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and most skin conditions. I must admit I doubted the power of this cream. Once trying it on my hands which are terribly dry from constant use of products, hand washing and general over exposure to chemicals, I found the cream to start relieving my skin from the painful dryness. It was thick to apply but once on I could feel my hands were well coated. Even after I washed my hands I could feel the cream still on my skin, like it had really sunk in deep into my skin.

I really loved this cream as not only could I use it as an intense hand cream but it worked beautifully as a face cream too. This is the sort of product that would be a staple for any girl. A product which can do so many things, great to take on holiday to relieve dry skin, sunburn and to really moisturise.


The third product I tried was the lip balm. This product may be small, but don’t be deceived by it’s size. This is by far the best lip balm I have ever used! The products is dense and coats your lips amazingly. The balm stayed on my lips for hours, leaving them feeling really soft. After a couple days of using the lip balm I noticed my lips were in a much better condition. This now lives in my hand bag a goes every where with me.

The Forever Living products have defiantly proved themselves as great wholesome, natural products, which really do what they say on the label!

It’s a good hair day….


Like most of us, I am always looking for something which is going to change my hair from a bit dry and lank to full and soft. I may not of found a product that gives my hair amazing volume but I have found something which has made my hair really smooth, soft and silky.

It’s Redkens ‘smooth lock’ it is a protein based product which locks protein into your hair whilst styling. As we style with straighteners and hairdryers we loose strength in our hair, and thats where this product comes in. The heat from styling activates this product creating a barrier to protect the hair.

The result…. Smooth, soft, healthy feeling hair. This product is so potent it only needs to be used every three washes, so it’s going to last you too!

Happy hair day!

Trends for spring/summer….





Spring/Summer is now in the shops and the weather will soon be changing too. So what shall we put on our nails to keep up with the fashion? I’ve seen monochrome, stripes and pastels all featuring heavily. With it being SO cold outside I’m not ready to take on pastels, but monochrome and stripes are a great transition from winter.

I’ve mixed it up a bit from plain monochrome to stripe monochrome. Grey and silver tones are another way to incorporate contrasts or go mad and choose any contrasting shades.

Pastels will be next on my nail art list….hmmm….what designs shall I do? Any suggestions?



In my forever quest for that ‘life changing’ product, I have decided to push the boundaries and try new and radical products which are so easily available to us….if we know where to look. This year not only will I be blogging about nail art but also about beauty and health products.

I started testing this product back in November 2012. The shampoo is called Eqyss Equine Mega Tek Equine Re-builder. The product is created for use on horses, specifically for mains and hoofs. The idea of this shampoo is to encourage hair to grow quicker, quickly creating length. The volume side comes in as the shampoo keeps your hair roots healthy therefore preventing loss of hair. In turn this gives your hair a fuller look.

So with all this said, does this magic shampoo actually work. Well… I have very thin, limp, brittle hair. My solution has always been going down the hair extension root, to fulfil my dream of having thick long hair. This is a great quick fix but not a long term solution, due to cost and potential damage to my own hair. So, I bought the Eqyss shampoo costing me approximately ¬£20 from an equestrian website in the states. I started using this in November 2012 and I wasn’t convinced at first. On my first go I decided to leave the Shampoo in for 30 mins on my roots, I then washed it off with the shampoo and followed with a conditioner. My hair felt so full of product, it was limp and almost stiff at the root. After realising I should either leave on roots and wash off with another shampoo or just wash my hair with this shampoo I quickly got into a better routine with it. Since using this shampoo I have also had 3 inches cut off and I can honestly say my hair has never felt better.

Having a good cut has obviously really helped, but my hair actually feels thicker, fuller and is growing at a much better rate. The ultimate test came when my hairdresser commented on how I was hardly shedding any hair after a hair wash prior to my blow dry. Normally I would wash my hair and brush while it was wet to find lots of hair shedding. I had noticed this had been happening less and when my hairdresser noticed it I knew it must be true.

I’m not saying this shampoo will give you long, thick hair over night but it has seriously helped my hair and it may possibly of been the best ¬£20 I ever spent!

Ultimate Christmas Nails, for the lovely Ella Henderson….


From glitter to sparkle….I have created all sorts of Christmas nails this year, but these are defiantly my fav! Ella was keen to incorporate a Christmas pud into her nails so we decided to create one on her middle finger. Most nail art is created on the ring finger but as she will be holding her microphone we felt this nail art would be seen better on her middle finger. The final look with red glitter mixed into gel on her other nails looked fab! This is a glitter overload and I LOVE it!

Go all out this Christmas, the more glitter the better, just have a bit of fun with your nails like Ella!


My meet with the lovely X Factor Ella Henderson….


What a great week! I was able to go meet the lovely Ella from X factor. She was keen to have a combination which was easy to wear and a nail colour which would go with all her outfits. She decided on a rich purple with gold v shaped moons. This is a great look and looked fab on her.